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Will your CV make the right impression with the ATS?

If you're successful in creating a CV/resume that beats the Applicant Tracking System, the "resume reading robots" then, voila! You're already half way to winning the race.

So, grab a cup of coffee or tea because I'm going to help you with the do's and don'ts of preparing your CV. Not only will these tips ensure your CV looks professional but they also will help you go a long way in landing the job that is right for your career.

Did you know that the days of a human recruiter reading your CV (and every other of the 1000's of CV's received every week) have long gone? It's the 21st century and although teleportation hasn't quite been perfected yet; the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has been.

This system does the first screening process and is more likely the first set of "eyes" to review your CV. All CV's and job applications need to pass the tracking system test. If your CV survives the ATS test, then this is a great sign because it has already beaten hundreds of CV's on its way to being presented in front of a real human recruiter.

How do I make sure that my CV is captured by the ATS?
Simple! Keywords. The ATS will be looking for phrases, skills and competencies related to the job you are applying for. Ensure your CV is created and includes all these important keywords.


Have a motive: While writing a CV do not ignore the job prospect. You need to keep in mind what the job requirements are and what skills and talent the hiring company is looking for.

Keep it professional: Your CV is not a three page summary of your personal life. You do not have to mention all those time management courses you took. If your hobbies do not go well with the job requirement, cut them out. You do not have to waste pages describing your scuba diving experience in the Virgin Islands if you are applying for a job on the moon. Make sure that the recruiter does not have to guess your skills and competence. Include details of your higher education, degrees and social/volunteer work you have done.

Do not make your CV unnecessarily long: It is not necessary for your CV to be more than two or three pages long. Make sure you do not forget to add details about your recent qualifications, and write your CV in reverse chronological order, from recent to the oldest that is.

Do not take your CV lightly: Do not try and make your CV appear humorous. It should be kept professional. Acting cute and funny or adding too much about yourself will not lend you in to the job.


First impression is always the last impression. Your CV should look professional. Think modern, up to date, but no overly complicated.

Before and After CVs

Tips that will ensure the ATS doesn't miss your CV:

Personal information will include your name, address, telephone number (plus an international dialing code) and only ONE personal email address ( and your work email does not really work). If you give multiple addresses, the ATS will create multiple profiles of your data.

Fonts: Do not use fancy fonts; use a simple, easy to read font. The less, the better.

Errors: Do not make any sort of grammatical errors; proofread your CV. Incorrect spelling, wrong use of grammar is a major turn off.

Graphics: Do not include a photo if it isn't requested; rather provide a link to your LinkedIn profile. Do not use diagrams, graphs, corporate logos or graphics as your CV stands a chance of becoming corrupt and will get lost within the ATS.

Passports, Certificates: You do not need to attach any of these when applying for a job (unless specifically requested). When your application has made its way through to the shortlist of applicants, your recruiter will request any necessary support documentation.

When Applying for a Specific Job: Remember to add the job reference number on the subject bar in order for the ATS to sync your application efficiently.

A quick glance to ensure your CV/resume beats the Applicant Tracking System, the "resume reading robots".

Create your CV in MS Word Use Excel or PDF's
Use easy to read fonts Use fancy fonts, diagrams, corporate logos and graphs
Proofread your CV Add any photographs
Include keywords and phrases Provide more than one email address

By following these basic steps, you can make your CV stand out from the rest. Cheers!

If you want to update your CV and ensure ATS picks up your critical keywords, please use the CV templates that are linked below and send it across to and we'll update your records on our database.

CV Template (With Red Logo)                                               CV Template (Without Red Logo)

Or you can visit our website and look out for current jobs we are offering and then at the same time upload a new CV.

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"I thoroughly recommend Red as THE go to specialist recruitment agency. From the very get go Tracey and her closely knit team of professionals took control of the process releasing exactly the right amount of information about their client to stimulate an appropriate level of interest for the role being marketed. The Red team members in Singapore and Philippines springboard their individual skill sets amazingly efficiently such that at no time is there any possibility of falling through the gaps. Quite the opposite, despite being one of many candidates I always felt as if I was being given personal and exclusive attention by everyone at Red with fast,informative and relevant responses throughout the lengthy hiring process, until reaching a successful conclusion. Even then the service didn't stop, with Red also taking ownership of contract negotiations ensuring both client and candidate achieved their goals. Knowing the role and the client thoroughly is key to their completing a project successfully, Tracey and the team at Red certainly do that extremely professionally, I would not hesitate in recommending Red to any entity wishing to recruit or any candidate seeking new challenges. Thank you Red"
Redefining Recruitment Solutions Globally.

Client testimonials

We have worked closely with Red on the recruitment of specialist positions within the chemical tanker industry. Red has proved to be a valuable partner in recruitment of specialists, as they have specific knowledge and understanding of the shipping industry.

When partnering with Red, I have particularly valued their dedication and commitment to finding the right candidate for the job, but also their direct, open and honest style of communication.

M.H. Pedersen , Europe & Asia Pacific

Red was engaged by my company to help source critical staff required for a new office startup in Singapore. This task was unique in that skilled shipping and logistics professionals had to be shortlisted, interviewed and contracted with complete privacy of the company’s entry into Singapore.

I am very happy with the team hand-picked from the market and headhunted by Red and look forward to assigning them our next human resource assignment.

J. Di Giovanni , Asia Pacific

Farstad Shipping have been utilising the services of Red Consulting for a number of years now, for recruiting various role in our Singapore office. We have developed a very good relationship with both Tracey Shearer and Henry Ferreira in their Singapore office and they have always provided great support and guidance throughout the recruitment process. Red keep us up to date throughout the recruitment period and also ensure candidates are kept engaged throughout the process as well. For those more challenging roles Red have aso been persistent in endeavouring to source the best candidates available.

Lucy Barker , Asia Pacific

Working with Red was an absolute pleasure. From start to finish they were helpful, supportive and able to quickly source quality candidates. We were on a tight timescale and needed capable staff quickly - even over a holiday period in Singapore, Red were able to assist us and we were able to hire excellent candidates through them.

James Meredith , Singapore


Red did an amazing job finding the most suitable candidates. Furthermore, they did even more amazing job in 'filtering' the candidates and provide a very detailed and accurate analysis.

I strongly recommend Red and there is no doubt that we will work again soon.

O. Karni , Asia Pacific

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