Every organisation needs employees with the right skills and experience, but they also need employees who share the company’s vision and aspirations and fit well into the corporate and office culture.

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The best choice for talent acquisition...

is not always the person who just ticks all the right boxes. The ideal candidate is a person you can invest in, who will build a mutually beneficial professional relationship with your company.

This is where Red excels. We are a talent acquisition service acting as your consultant, rather than a recruitment agency. We look beyond the job description to find the best possible candidates for your company’s unique needs through a partnership approach. 

Client testimonials

We have worked closely with Red on the recruitment of specialist positions within the chemical tanker industry. Red has proved to be a valuable partner in recruitment of specialists, as they have specific knowledge and understanding of the shipping industry.

When partnering with Red, I have particularly valued their dedication and commitment to finding the right candidate for the job, but also their direct, open and honest style of communication.

M.H. Pedersen , Europe & Asia Pacific

Red was engaged by my company to help source critical staff required for a new office startup in Singapore. This task was unique in that skilled shipping and logistics professionals had to be shortlisted, interviewed and contracted with complete privacy of the company’s entry into Singapore.

I am very happy with the team hand-picked from the market and headhunted by Red and look forward to assigning them our next human resource assignment.

J. Di Giovanni , Asia Pacific

Farstad Shipping have been utilising the services of Red Consulting for a number of years now, for recruiting various role in our Singapore office. We have developed a very good relationship with both Tracey Shearer and Henry Ferreira in their Singapore office and they have always provided great support and guidance throughout the recruitment process. Red keep us up to date throughout the recruitment period and also ensure candidates are kept engaged throughout the process as well. For those more challenging roles Red have aso been persistent in endeavouring to source the best candidates available.

Lucy Barker , Asia Pacific

Working with Red was an absolute pleasure. From start to finish they were helpful, supportive and able to quickly source quality candidates. We were on a tight timescale and needed capable staff quickly - even over a holiday period in Singapore, Red were able to assist us and we were able to hire excellent candidates through them.

James Meredith , Singapore


Red did an amazing job finding the most suitable candidates. Furthermore, they did even more amazing job in 'filtering' the candidates and provide a very detailed and accurate analysis.

I strongly recommend Red and there is no doubt that we will work again soon.

O. Karni , Asia Pacific

Our priorities are to:

Build relationships with our clients.

Getting to know you, your brand and your corporate and office culture allows us to:

  • Go above and beyond the job brief & offer tailored talent acquisition services
  • To ask the right questions
  • Anticipate & manage potential problems
  • Identify & consult when a change of strategy is needed

Leave no stone unturned.

Our consultants are well established within their industry of expertise, with extensive networks they can draw upon. If the candidate exists in the market, we will find them.

We use:

  • The age-old art of networking, finding candidates who are not actively searching for a new opportunity but have aspirations & qualities that match the position
  • Social media postings
  • Traditional job portals
  • Print media

Value your time.

We only pass on the profiles and CVs of candidates that fulfil the brief

Our aim is not to find you as many candidates as possible, but to find you the most suitable candidates available. 

The Process

As a boutique talent acquisition service, we guide you along every stage of the recruitment process.

Getting to know you

We start by finding out more about you – company history, brand, and corporate and office culture. We want to find you candidates that contribute more to your company than just skills and experience.

Getting to know the job

To find the best candidate, we need to know as much as possible about the position you’re seeking to fill. It’s often the small details, easily overlooked, that can make either you or the candidate reconsider an opportunity. The more we know, the better we can efficiently manage the recruitment process.

Conducting the search

Our consultants will utilise the full extent of their global industry networks, social media and job portals to find you the best possible candidates for the vacancy.

Pre-submission screening

This is when we conduct detailed interviews with shortlisted candidates. We look beyond the candidates’ skills and experience for the position, to discover how well they will fit with your company, and ensure that the candidate’s remuneration expectations and your budget are aligned.


Finally, back to you. We will now present you with a shortlist of the most suitable candidates’ profiles and CVs for your consideration and feedback.


At this stage, we will manage the interview process between you and your preferred candidates, whether face-to-face, over the phone or via video conference.

Interview feedback

After the interviews, we will follow up with both you and the candidates. The detailed feedback we receive in these discussions allows us to gauge where all parties stand and establish the next steps.

Employment offer
This can be the most crucial part of the process. Once you have selected your preferred candidate, we will manage the delivery of the offer, negotiation and acceptance on your behalf. We also handle references, qualification checks, and any other necessary details to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

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